Blueberry productive area is made of 3 separate dedicated sectors, production, packaging and warehousing of skin care and dermatological products.  Our production is distinguished by a huge flexibility, that can satisfy demands for small or big lots of products.

our strenght

production capacity


Our premises are constantly expanding and at the moment our factory is equipped to produce: 

  • Detergents – Mixers for:
    Kg 1000, 3000, 5000, 8000 with a production of Kg 220.000/month.
  • Emulsions – Airproof vacuum mixers for:
    Kg 50, 150, 300, 1000 with a production of Kg 50.000/month.
  • Fragrances with alcohol – Mixers for:
    Kg 100, Kg 300 with a production of Kg 12.000/month.


The packaging area is in charge of all the production lines for the filling of: bottles, containers, small jars, vials and tubes for skin care creams.  This sector is split in two areas:

  • Filling area, with capability for big sizes lots and also small sizes using automatic and semi automatic filler machines 
  • Packaging area, located in a specific ward and equipped with automatic labellers and packaging machines, able to fulfill big production streams.


Blueberry warehouse is adhering to all relevant regulations, including all cosmetics regulations in the EU (Iso 22716) and its made of five areas:

  • Area of quarantine, where all the raw materials are stored before the entrance of the warehouse. Here the materials are checked and branded with the author of check signature before being transferred to their appropriate storage spaces. 
  • Area of raw materials storage, where we keep all the checked materials waiting to enter the production cycle
  • Area of packaging deposit
  • Area of deposit of flammable materials 
  • Area of delivery, where all the finished products wait to be dispatched