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We protect baby skin and health with customised skincare solutions however always delicate, green and certified .

Baby skin is substantially different from adults from a physiological point of view. The uppermost corneal layer (the superficial skin layer) is thinner therefore more sensitive to physical and chemical agents. That is why Blueberry produces private label baby creams  and detergents tailor made to protect a very special skin such as the one of a baby.

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Baby Care

Baby Care

Babies have unique hair and skin care needs. Babies and young children need gentle soap, lotion and shampoo. Therefore baby skincare products are made with few natural ingredients, antiallergenic to avoid skin rashes. 

We suggest for the first years to use oil based detergents for bathing, also fragrance free, non aggressive and with hypoallergenic and soothing properties. 

For hair we suggest the use of a shampoo without aggressive tensioactives (SLES) taking care to dilute the soap with some water before washing the hair and rinse it thoroughly.

For daily skin moisturising we suggest to use delicate balms with soothing and softening properties, with a small of INCI ingredients as it would not be proper for the delicate skin of a baby. It could react as if it was an allergenic.

Finally for a safe sun exposure it would be important to prevent sun rashes and burns with high protection sun screens SPF 50+. 

Blueberry knows very well all the possibile issues dealing with skin and we will be able to provide the right solution for you. Our products undergo the most stringent of quality control processes, in accordance with strict international standards (GMP, ISO 9001) and only the safest, most advanced and rigorously tested ingredients are used in the process.