Blueberry has always invested time and resources in R&D. Starting in the laboratory, passing through biology, to the quality control our experts are constantly searching for technological innovation and more performing raw materials, in order to guarantee the best formulas for texture, efficiency ad safety.

Every year Bluebbery produces more than 200 unique formulas, ranging from dermatological sector to luxury cosmetics, in order to produce tailor made high quality products at a competitive cost.

Two outstanding laboratories. The quality control team and the biologists are constantly working at testing and analysing quality and safety of each formulation.  Blueberry also carries on an significant cooperation with important Universities and Research Labs, in order to provide on demand quality reports, dermatological test and quality control reports. This way Blueberry can guarantee the safety of its products and the essential requirements to get validation.

expertise, technology and innovation

blueberry laboratory


Research is the essence of Blueberry. Only through accuracy and method of research we can detect various issues and be able to find solutions to them.  For this reason Blueberry is continously researching broadly: we beging studying, selecting certified suppliers. Next step is medical and scientific research  and also market research according to different distribution channels  and country. 

Our R&D team is repeatedly cooperating with dermatologists and the best suppliers in order to guarantee the best selected materials and certified excellent products. Only this way we can create the requirements for efficient formulas.

However efficiency alone it’s not enough , that is why Blueberry experts keep studying new markets and keep searching for new textures, that could be perfect for any distribution area.


Blueberry is equipped with a microbiology lab on its premises, to verify and guarantee microbiological purity of its materials and products.  In details with the Challenge test verifies the efficiency of the preservation  and the evaluation of the microbiological stability of the product.

Once the product is done and tested it will undergo a quickened ageing process. After the stability test Blueberry will proceed with PAO test (Period after opening). The finished product will then undergo an accelerated ageing procedure, in order to test the stability of  chemical-physical parameters such as PH, density, viscosity, humidity and color. Final test is to establish the duration of shelf life.


The quality control service ensures, though appropriate verifications during the entire production cycle (chemical-physical test, microbiological and challenge test) (controlli chimico-fisici, microbiologici e challenge test), that the products meets all the qualitative parameters.

All the production lots must undergo chemical, microbiological and physical test.


Blueberry offers to all its clients a wide range of possible test in order to guarantee a true product claim. In compliance with regulations (UE 655/2013) Blueberry can carry out:

  • Product certification for responsible usage of the words Biological, Organic, Natural and Vegan ;
  • Certification P.I.F. (Prod. Information File) abiding to CE 1223/2009;
  • Compulsory no harm test : Challenge Test UNI-EN 150 11930/2012.
Harmless/ Safety Test:
  • Patch test: test for skin irritation – to get the claim “dermatologically tested”
  • Patch test sensitive skin
  • Comedogenicity: no blackheads
  • Hypoallergenic test
  • 4 Metal Test: Nichel, Cobalt, Chrome and Lead tested
  • Test for potential skin rash/eyes (cytotoxicity)
  • Eye tolerance Evaluation test -> ophthalmologically tested
  • Photosensitivity test
Efficiency Test (compliancy dermatological tests abiding to UE 655/2013):
  • Anti cellulite and drain properties evaluation 
  • Anti wrinkles evaluation
  • Anti strechmarks evaluation
  • Depigmentation properties evaluation 
  • Toning and elastic properties evaluation
  • Mildness evaluation
  • Moisturizing  and protective properties evaluation
  • Valutazione dell’attività lenitiva e protettiva
  • Fat reducing properties evaluation
  • Long lasting properties evaluation
  • Sebum balance properties 
  • Anti inflammatory properties 
  • Sun screen protection factor (SPF) according to ISO 24444: 2011
  • Water resistance for sun screen 
  • Anti age and anti free radicals 
  • Volume growth properties
  • Other tests on demand