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An effective and practical support against the signs of time

To fight the signs of ageing (wrinkles, blemishes, dull color) or to get rid of scars sometimes are needed tailored solutions,  Blueberry does just that in its research labs. Our experts team will give you guidance and support for the accomplishment of you customised private label cosmetic, whether you need the creation of a new line or to extend the range of your current product line.

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prodotti per la medicina estetica

Needle Free

Needle Free

Blueberry creates private label anti ageing products with top notch active ingredients:  anti oxydants,   cellular energy stimulants (ATP), last generation anti-wrinkles, multifunctional polypeptides , damaged DNA protector and repair, from ageing and sun 

We produce lifting serums with immediate effect, face modelling creams, droopy eyelids lifting serums and much more.