Non cerchiamo clienti, ma partnership. Cammino insieme verso il tuo successo.

Describing our services with the definition of full service it could be an understatement. Nowadays in order to create, for instance, a success story its’s not enough to have a simple client-supplier relationship: the winning formula is Partnership. It is only with a perfect synergy between the client’s idea and our know-how that is possible to achieve a successful project.

entrust us for your project

full service

  • Planning

    No great story is created by chance. By an accurate planning and  organisation we are able to manufacture a successful product.

    Our first meeting will be based on this: planning and organising with our experts the state of the art of the product, to establish the most appropriate packaging , the product format as well as the best strategies of basic positioning based on (1) brand profile of choice, (2) competitors analysis, (3) the reference market, (4) budget.

  • Formulas development

    After a briefing with Blueberry experts our Research & Development team will begin the study of the raw materials,  in order to maximise the efficiency and the emotional impact of the product. 

    From here on all the information gathered will be passed to the laboratory, where formulas will be developed to create prototypes for the client evaluation. After this stage, according to the client's feedback, the formula will be refined in order to get a  product that could meet all the requirements. Once the prototype is approved Blueberry will begin the testing of chemical and microbiology stability and compatibility. The product will undergo an accelerated ageing process to determine the correct expiration date and the PAO (Period after opening). Some packaging prototypes are also needed for a better test accuracy.

  • Marketing support

    Once a formula is developed and the client has approved it, all the information will be passed to the marketing division. Our marketing experts, will support the client, according to all the efficiency tests previously done, to their sales plan and brand identity, we will provide support for the motivational copy writing to be placed on the packaging.  

  • Packaging consultancy

    With this service Blueberry provides its packaging expertise in order to support for the choice of the most appropriate pack, bottle or vial  based on the product features (packaging material, kind of dispenser) and distribution channel ( shape, size, accessories). Furthermore, thanks to a long lasting relationship with its suppliers Blueberry can guarantee the best options for packaging materials, being able to create the ideal packaging to achieve your dream products.

  • regulations support

    Blueberry offers a totally free service with support for technical and legislative consultancy on the packaging. In particular blueberry ensures that: 

    - compulsory symbols being present on the packaging and on the label 

    - all claims being declared properly and purposely 

    - compulsory symbol dimensions being respected  in order to ensure visible copy and print 

  • production

    After the stability test and the choice of packaging and graphics Blueberry will then proceed to the production stage, where skilled technicians will make your dream product come true ,

    During this stage Blueberry will accomplish all the studies and test done in the previous stages.

    With mixer, airlift pumps and blenders Blueberry will manufacture the bulk of the finished product. It will then go to the packaging department when labels  will be placed and the product will find its box or blister and be ready for the market.

  • b2b support

    The partnership with our clients can't be over when the production ends.   For this reason we have implemented an after-sales service to ensures an unparallel b2b. 

    Blueberry consultants will be at your disposal to support technical and commercial of the new product ranges, within commercial events and presentation to the public.