We manufacture cosmetic/private label skincare and for the beauty, hair, skincare and cosmetic market. Italy can claim a long standing tradition in manufacturing cosmetic products to a very high standards, proudly we are second to none.  Aiming on Made in Italy products it means understanding the implicit value of this culture of beauty and outstanding quality, being part of it and following this tradition.  


cosmetics and made in italy

Being a “Made in Italy ” manufacturing company its a choice. Being able to use this label of excellence its not  just being an italian company. It means, more in depth, wanting (and respecting) this definition in full, by choosing selected suppliers, it means abiding to precise qualitative requirements in our production, it means providing to our clients a greater value of culture, an idea of beauty with respect of the regulations.  

Blueberry is not simply a made in italy skincare products manufacturer, is your partner od choice for a complete solution :

  • Product development and creation of packaging
  • Expertise in every sector of R&D 
  • High qualitative standard
  • Care for the production process and regulations


Blueberry is the ideal candidate to be your partner for the production and the launch of your ready-to-market custom skincare product