Blueberry is dedicated to companies needing unique white label dermatological products. In order to reach this uniqueness Blueberry continously invest in research and technological innovation. Our company strongly believes that uniqueness can be reached only promoting a true partnership with its customers, thus implementing several trials and prototypes meeting suggestions and needs.  

our company

mission and vision

Blueberry daily invests its human and financial resources for:


  • on products, searching most advanced raw materials for  the  environment and efficiency, meeting the needs of a market trending on “green philosophy”;
  • on resources, according to the principles of green economy, using renewable energy sources , reducing production costs and limiting waste to the minimum.

Production technology. We implement innovative solutions with the goal of reducing emissions but also to provide a real cost saving policy trhoughout the production. This policy ensures, to private clients and final customers, high quality products at competitive costs.

Research. Blueberry develops all research in its lab premises, thanks to highly specialized staff and its innovative equipment. Cooperation with best Universities and sector specialists ensures safe and advanced medical cosmetics.

Innovation. Blueberry innovative approach is implemented though the promotion of the R&D department, that boasts hight tech equipment. Because we produce all of our products in this way we are able to monitor the process closely to ensure that the end result is skincare of the finest quality.